Suicide Prevention 2019

Suicide  This word alone evokes a plethora of emotional and physical responses. And yet, any conversation around the topic is quickly brushed past in an effort to focus on rainbows, butterflies, and puppy snuggles. And so we ask the question: why? Why are we...

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Paper Copy Book Readers Annonymous

"Hi, my name is Isi." "Hi, Isi." "I love reading; I am an avid book collector, and I prefer physical copies of the written word over e-books." My love of reading started as a small child when my mother was teaching me to read. It further blossomed as I began reading...

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What I learned from my 10 Day Social Media Fast.

Good Afternoon Uplyft Wellness Family! I've been considering the content for this post since I began this Social Media Fast on October 10th. I knew I wanted to share with you what I learned from this experience in the hope that you will try it for yourself. But before...

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