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How to Yoga

“Now my friends, if you are imagining in a beautiful yogi dream that you will be reclining on a lazy-boy sipping hot cocoa by the roaring fire …pause for effect…, then allow me to burst your bubble and bring you back to reality cause that’s not the case.”


I always struggle to come up with satisfying meals that are both gluten free and vegan. I work past the reasonable lunch hours of 11a-1p, and I’m not one to take a lunch break unless it’s a mandatory requirement anyways. Once I finally get home it’s the awkward afternoon snack hour and so the question becomes: “Do I eat a real meal? Or do I just eat a spoonful of peanut butter?”

Mental Health

“We can’t always wait for someone to cry out for help because they may choose not to. When someone we love and care about is struggling with mental and emotional illnesses and all of their side effects, it is imperative that we invite them to talk about what they are experiencing. No one has the ability to read another persons mind. So, we can’t know what an individual is really experiencing unless they open up and tell us. “


“My life is just as important as anyone else’s in the world. I deserve to breathe clean air. It is one of my rights to have clean water to drink and bathe in. It is crucial to my survival that the food I have access to is wholesome and nourishing not contaminated with strange ingredients and chemicals that could turn me into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. “


“Smoothies are my favorite go to food of choice. Unless it’s winter or snowing or freezing outside, then, I avoid smoothies like the plague. They’re easy to make and SUPER delicious. And they’re one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re eating fruits and vegetables. “

Suicide Awareness

“As a society, we have plans for everything. Plans for what to do if the building is on fire, if there is a gas leak, if there is a medical emergency, if we get lost, if there is a natural disaster, and even if there is an armed intruder. But, do we ever stop to consider what the safety plan is for when we or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts? “


“I’ve been considering the content for this post since I began this Social Media Fast on October 10th. I knew I wanted to share with you what I learned from this experience in the hope that you will try it for yourself. But before I explain what I learned, I want to share with you what the 10 Day Social Media Fast is and why I did it.”


“Massage Therapy is a booming profession which means there are a zillion and one incredible and not so incredible therapists out there. So how do you pick a massage therapist that lives close, won’t break the bank, and is going to meet all of your needs?”

Your Story

“In this story, we see that age differences do not limit the help, comfort, care, and listening ear we can give to someone struggling with mental and emotional health concerns. We also learn that it doesn’t matter how far apart you live, you can make a difference. “

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“Pick one principle of health and set a goal to accomplish every day.”
– Isi Brians
Balancing beside a colorful bird
Balancing beside a colorful bird