Hello all,

It’s been an eternity since I wrote a blog post, but today I thought I’d change that.

This afternoon, I decided to hop on TikTok a social media app I have been avoiding since it’s creation. Why did I decide to jump on now after keeping myself seperate for so long? Because, my sister @merry_miss_desserts, trusted business advisor, and kind idea sound board, suggested that maybe it would be a good way to share my yoga message with the world.  So with great hesitation, I downloaded the app, signed in, and began exploring – specifically looking to see what other yoga content was out there.

What I discovered stirred a visceral reaction and bad taste I will never forget.

Just having the app open, I immediately felt a deep sense of dread, negative energy/spirit, and an icky oily blackness (kind of like the slippery toxic villan Hexxus from FernGully.) I didn’t have a name for this feeling until after I deleted the app – that’s how scary powerful it was.

Once in the app, I proceeded to look up yoga content. What I discovered… was DISGUSTING!!!

Yoga is a transformative experience where an individual steps away from the intense demands of the world to discover and develop temperance as they learn more deeply who they are and how to honor, love, nourish, and care for themselves in wholesome ways while also learning how to honor, nourish, love, and care for humankind, animals, and the earth/environment.

Much of the yoga I saw portrayed on TikTok is NOT YOGA! It is sexual content with crotch shots and promotions of “yoga poses to have better sex.” It is continuing to portray yoga as skinny females in tight or revealing clothing doing crazy poses because they have a hypermobile body. It is not the yoga that the world so desperately needs in order to cultivate healing and peace in our modern society.

After being on TikTok for no more than 5 minutes, I decided I couldn’t do it. My standards, morals, values, and the energy/spirit I strive to carry are not compatable and I am not willing to compromise any of them to make TikTok work. So I deleted my account and deleted the app never to look back.

Now, I’m not saying that TikTok can’t be a tool for good and a place to find and create humorous or educational content. I’m saying that TikTok for my brand doesn’t make the cut. TikTok does not work in harmony with my soul, and I would rather use my creative time elsewhere.

I would caution anyone on TikTok to pay attention to the way its content makes you feel, pay attention to how long you spend in the app, and pay attention to why you’re using it.

All my love,