One food I learned to make and really enjoy during my first year of college was chicken salad. You know…the kind you put on sandwhiches. We used to make it up and put it on crescent rolls. Buttery, delicious, creamy, rich, crunchy, tart. All adjectives to describe this chicken salad being funneled into my mouth on the back of a crescent roll.

Yet…here I am 1.5 years plant based/vegan (no animal products) and 7 years gluten free. So in order to enjoy a chicken salad sandwhich I use my nose. Inhale the tasty aroma. Exhale the sadness of my empty belly. That is…until today.

I present to you No Chicken Salad!!!

No Chicken Salad Recipe

1 8oz package of Tempeh
1 Granny Smith Apple
1 8oz can of Waterchestnuts
3 dollops (yes this is a precise form of measurement) of Vegan Mayonaise


Take the Tempeh and throw it into a food processor and pulse to a small crumble. Heat in a frying pan on the stove for 5-10mins. Once heated through add to a medium sized bowl. Dice the Granny Smith Apple and Waterchestnuts into small pieces. Add these to the bowl. Add the 3 dollops of Vegan Mayo to the bowl and stir to combine. This should leave the No Chicken Salad lightly coated not swimming in mayo. Optional season with salt and pepper.


Enjoy your No Chicken Salad on sandwhich bread, bagels, inside bell peppers sliced in half, eaten with pita or corn chips, or added to a healthy serving of chopped salad greens. YUM!!!

If you make this recipe, let me know how it turned out and if you enjoyed it.