This week I had the opportunity to present on Physical Health & Wellness as part of a Relief Society activity. I have decided to share my presentation here for others to enjoy and for those that participated in the activity to have an opportunity to go back and review. Please enjoy!

Physical Health along with Mental/Emotional and Spiritual Health looks different for each individual because we are all unique. No two individuals will ever be the same. Similar – maybe? But the same – never! 

And so as we look at our physical bodies and discuss different ways to take care of them, I want each of you to consider the question: 

When I think about the health of the body, I think about four basic principles that need to be in balance to create health. They are:

The average healthy adult needs approximately 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Most attribute regular showering or bathing, brushing and flossing the teeth, wearing deodorant, washing and wearing clean clothing, and regularly washing one’s hands as signs of good personal hygiene. 

The cleanliness of one’s home will look different with each family and home circumstance. 

Who knew it wasn’t an apple a day that kept the doctor away but really a shower?

I love the Word of Wisdom and have studied it regularly as I have sought knowledge and council about how to fuel my body with food. 

I feel like it’s important to know, also, that the USDA guidelines for properly and adequately nourishing the body are looked at and adjusted regularly to fit scientific understanding and standards on nutrition. Remember the food pyramid, then my pyramid, and now my plate?

Yet the Word of Wisdom hasn’t changed since the Revelation was received by the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1833. We have only ever received clarifying counsel about harmful substances from the current prophet. 

How wonderful is it to know that the Lord trusts us enough to counsel with Him about how to fuel our bodies as we adapt the Word of Wisdom to fit our needs and preferences.

Ps. Hydration, too, is a really important part of adequate nutrition in the body.

After leaving Young Womens, I kept going to girls camp but as an adult leader. Anytime, a girl would complain about not feeling well or having a headache, I would ask, “What color is your pee?” because this is a good indicator of hydration. Apple juice colored pee is a sign of dehydration while pee the color of lemonade is a sign of being well hydrated. 

Regular exercise is an important part of taking care of our physical bodies, maintaining healthy emotional/mental capacities, and inviting the Spirit into our lives. 

Physical activity should include activities that are aerobic in nature (to improve the function of our cardiorespiratory system), challenge our balance, improve our flexibility, improve the strength and power of our muscles, and most importantly it should be an activity that is enjoyable to you. Cause remember: “… men [and women] are that they might have joy.” 2 Nephi 2:25

Okay, so now that I’ve given you a ton of information and your brain is busily digesting, processing, and organizing it – what are you gonna do with it? 

Take some time to council with the Lord and search your heart for the answer. You may get the answer right away…and it may take some time to find it and that’s ok. Once you have the answer, write it down, memorize it, and keep it somewhere you can reflect on it often. 

This gives you a place to grow from.

For example, I might want to focus on Physical Activity, so my “stupid simple there’s no way I could fail at it” goal might be to go outside and walk around my house once a day. 

Now before you roll your eyes at me because I asked you to set a goal, let’s read what the scriptures have to say about this: 

There’s proof in the pudding. Pick one principle of health and set a “stupid simple – there’s no way you could fail at it” goal to accomplish every day.