For the last 4 1/2 weeks, I have been participating in a group meeting/discussion about Emotional Resiliancy. Part of the participation for each member includes setting goals/commitments and acheiving (or attempting to acheive) them over the week.

Part of our discussion this week was on “Living a Balanced Life.” We were asked to think about how we live our lives each week. And then to consider what our lives might be like in 25 years if life stayed the same. That means no growing, no changing, no learning & applying new things – just the same old same old day in and day out. The prompt then asked us to consider where we spent too much of our time and where we didn’t spend enough time.

As I considered these things, I realized (and I’m sure we all do) that I spend a hell of a lot of time just mindlessly scrolling through my social media feeds – never adding to the conversation or participating in any way – just liking an image and moving on. I also realized that, although I enjoy writing and have started journaling daily again, I rarely write for an audience of more than one.

So this week, I made 2 commitments to myself that I intend to keep.

First: I intend to use socail media more mindfully. What I’ve decided that will look like for me is instead of quickly scrolling through my feed, I will stop and read the captions that have been created, and I will do my best to respond to a few of them. PRESENT & PARTICIPATING.

And Second: My goal/desire is to write more. Specifically to blog more. Even more specifically to write on Thursday’s. Now, I don’t really have anything specific in mind to write about. Hopefully, it’ll be on topics related to massage, fitness, nutrition, yoga, mental health, suicide prevention, etc. You know… topics I have already shared thoughts on before. But, maybe they won’t be. I guess I’m just inviting the perfectionist in me who says, “You NEED to have a plan for a very specific topic to write about otherwise no one will ever read it or care, etc. ” ( … all valid points!) I’m inviting Miss Perfectionist to sit next to me and watch me write. Maybe, I’ll have a plan. Maybe, I won’t. But I’ll have something genuine and candid and unscripted and real for you all to read each Thursday.

And so here I am. Trying my best to keep my commitments while also being vulnerable and opening myself up to being accountable and.. oh yeah! failing. And it’s ok.

So to any of you who are putting off starting something because it might not be good enough or isn’t 100% perfect. Tell yourself, “Ahh screw it!” and JUST DO IT!