I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram for 2 reasons:

  1. It is ridiculously difficult to get anything one posts seen unless you have hundreds, thousands, or millions of devoted followers already OR you post multiple times a day thus increasing your chances of something MAYBE being seen OR you happen to be a close family friend with the algorithm god and spend countless hours schmoozing him over so he’ll let your posts be seen.
  2. Collaboration request comments and messages.

I have multiple IG accouts that I use for different things. I have my personal account (featured above), my Uplyft Wellness account, and an account I use for my puppy.

Recently, I shared this photo where I was challenged by my sister to create a rainbow makeup look. Not a big deal. 100% fun. 10/10 would recommend.

Anyways, since I shared this photo, I have had 4 collaboration requests posted to me in the comments. Thanks, I’m flattered! But I’m also pissed off. I RARELY wear this much makeup or any makeup for that matter. So why, out of all the photos on my Instagram page, did you decide to choose this one to market your collaboration requests? Why didn’t you choose a photo of me that is more real and less posed and made up?

I get that you have a brand to sell, and that day I happened to “fit” that brand stereotype, but I don’t look that way everyday. I don’t and won’t always be “on brand” forever. So maybe stop soliciting your product on every individual with a curated post and choose someone who looks regular and real.

Thank you & Good day!

Ps. And maybe this isn’t you, but more than half of the time, collaboration product is overpriced junk – it’s see through, cheaply made, or not as advertised. So if you want to collab with me, send me the items for free that way I can test them and decide if they’re worthy of my brand. Because, my brand has a lot riding on it. My brand believes in being honest, trustworthy, candidly real, loving and accepting of ALL. And if a collaboration product doesn’t meet those standards in quality, price, and promotion, then it’s not worth my time or my brands reputation.