Forever and a million years ago, I shared a quick little hack for turning a regular t-shirt into a cropped t-shirt. You can find it by clicking –>HERE<–.

Now, this may seem cheap, trashy, or like something you would find in a 5 Minute Crafts video on YouTube or Facebook, and you’re probably right. But there are 3 reasons why I choose to do it anyways.

First – I LOVE the color, logo, pattern, whatever that is on the shirt itself. For example: I have a blue shirt that I turned into a wide neck crop that has the word STꕔY. I bought it off of a Facebook add back in 2016 shortly after learning that a young man I taught piano to when he was a kid took his life. This incredible music video was part of the add I saw.


Second – Somehow, someway I have gotten a stain on the shirt. More often than not, all of the stains I get on my shirts are somewhere near the bottom, so it’s easy to just remove it with scissors.

Third – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I’m not the kind of person who buys new clothes with the seasons so I match all of the current trends. I will buy something and wear it to it’s death or until I have disowned it from my current wardrobe in which case off it goes to a thrift store. BUT! I have found that, if I can alter the shirt by cropping it, I can get more use out of it as a workout shirt.

Anyways, now that I’ve written more than most food blogs (not really it just feels like that), lets get those scissors and make ourselves a cropped tank top.

Out with the old and in with the new

First things first, choose your victim. I mean — t-shirt.

Choose Wisely

Once you’ve chosen the perfect t-shirt, cut off the bottom as high or low as you want. I opted for a longer crop here. But I still cut high enough to remove the stains that had found their way onto my beloved shirt.

Chop off the bottom.

Once the bottom has been removed, follow the seams in of the sleeves and remove those bad boys to show off your rippling biceps and sexy shoulders. (Did someone say Deltoids?!)

Express your right to bare arms by cutting off the sleeves.

Cut out the collar next. Idk about you but my neck and collar bones need to breathe.

Say, “Bye Bye collar!”

And finally, sass it up a bit by cutting a little slice in the bosom of the shirt. Honestly, it doesn’t do a whole lot other than look neat.

Add a sassy little cut.

And there you have it. A t-shirt has been reborn. From the ashes, we welcome into the world a comfy DIY cropped tank top perfect for a beach day, hike through the mountains, yoga session, fun run, bike ride, or to show off your muscle-y gains while lifting weights.

PS. in case you got to the end thinking, “Did she use her teeth to cut this shirt?” The answer is No, no I did not. I used scissors.