Chaos, Turmoil, and more Chaos

Right now, it seems like the world can’t catch a break. Over and over and over again we’ve experienced devastation, hardship, and overwhelming challenges that threaten to wipe out all that is good about Earth and the life that inhabits our planet.

The Australian Wildfires came first,
Then the COVID-19 Pandemic spread across the world,
And now, there are Protests and Violent Riots calling for Justice and Equality.

In agony and distress, the world cries out:

Why do bad things keep happening to good people?!?!

Freedom to Choose

Every man, woman, and child who has ever been given place on this earth has been given the inherent right to make choices. The freedom to choose who we are, how we intend to live day to day, and what we wish to do with our future is part of each of us.

The choices we make define the world we live in. But, with each choice there are consequences. This has been proven by Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion within the science of Physics.


We don’t get to choose what consequences our actions receive. More often than not, consequences are the reactions of other humans using their freedom to choose.

PS. In case we forget, humans are messy, imperfect, emotion fueled creatures that react as quick as a lightning strike without giving thought to the consequences of their reactions.

So, why am I sharing these thoughts and feelings…?

George Floyd

Those protests and violent riots I mentioned earlier have been fueled by the unjust treatment and death of George Floyd and countless other members of the black community.

Hate on all accounts is WRONG! Prejudice, Racism, Violence, and Unjust, Illegal treatment of any human being is WRONG! We all deserve to be treated as equal members of humankind.

All human beings black, white, male, female, bond, free and everything in between are divine creations of a Just and Holy God. One is not greater than the other. In the eyes of God, all of humankind are deserving of love, freedom, justice, mercy, and equality. His commandment to all of His children to “love thy neighbor as thyself” is just as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago when it was taught to the disciples by Jesus Christ.

Action & Reaction

All over the world, people are acting and reacting to the death of George Floyd and other members of the black community. For many hours, I have tried to determine how or if I should participate.


As I pondered if I should participate, I reflected one of my favorite quotes from the Avatar: The Last Airbender Nickelodeon Series.

Bumi: There are options in fighting called Jing. It’s a choice of how you direct your energy.
Aang: I know! There’s Positive Jing when you’re attacking and Negative Jing when you’re retreating.
Bumi: And Neutral Jing: when you do nothing. … Neutral Jing…involves listening and waiting…

Avatar: The Last Airbender S02 E03 Return to Omashu

Some in the world are favoring to act with Positive Jing as they attack the political systems with protests and riots. While, on social media, some are choosing to act with Negative Jing by retreating behind a wall of black hoping to let black voices be heard. But, I am in favor of following the action of Neutral Jing.

I love you. I hear you, and I will continue to listen to you. I support your right to not have to live in fear. And, I stand with you in your fight for equality.

But, I will wait to act because violence, anti-white racism, and the abhorrent display of police brutality is not going to solve the problem. I will wait until all are ready to receive my love and forgiveness. I will wait until I can show you how I truly see you. I will wait until it is safe for all to participate and stand together for PEACE and to end racism once and for all.

The world is hurting right now, and healing is going to take work! But it needs to be fueled by love, acceptance, tolerance, and forgiveness, or it will never happen.