May 1st is my dreadlocks anniversary, so how could I not share a quick post full of photos and thoughts about dreadlocks.

Day 1 of Having Dreadlocks

They’re tiny and tight and UGLY! hahaha I feel like I look like a balding Medusa. I chose to leave my bangs and a small section of hair on either side of my face un-dreaded.

Styling Dreadlocks

There are a million things you can do to style your dreadlocks and make them speak for you. I’ve enjoyed decorating my dreads with wraps and beads and showcasing them in buns, ponytails, pigtails, braids, and a more pineapple-y look with the ends sticking straight up.

Exercising with Dreadlocks

I love exercising with dreadlocks and find there is absolutely no difference from when I showcased my natural curls. Except that now my hair doesn’t go flat from sweat. During my first year of having dreadlocks, I did a LOT of cycling. I used to bike back and forth to work 3-4x/week. I also regularly run and do yoga with dreadlocks and haven’t had any issues whatsoever. Hiking is no problem either. IMHO, I think it makes it easier to move with your hair down if that’s your style.

I don’t get super sweaty when I workout – maybe I’m dehydrated. So, I don’t wash or rinse them extra either.

Caring for Dreadlocks

To take care of my dreadlocks, I wash them once a week to twice a month. Occasionally I’ll do an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse. I let them air dry. Every 6 or so weeks I go in for regular root maintenance. I never use products…unless I’m styling my bangs and then the product goes only in the bangs. If I go swimming, I wash them afterwards. I don’t dye them cause I don’t want damage. I never brush them – that doesn’t make sense. hahaha I comb through them with my fingers to make sure they stay separated, but that’s it.

Are you considering dreads?

I 1 TRILLION PERCENT endorse the getting of dreadlocks! If you’re nervous about it start with just one or do a partial set (just the underside of your hair). Be patient with your baby dreadlocks because, like all newborn creatures, they tend to start out really ugly. And don’t forget that dreadlocks will also go through puberty as they mature meaning that they get awkward and ugly again. I likely haven’t hit that stage, but those who have know what I mean.

Other Reasons I LOVE Dreadlocks

  1. Super low maintenance hairstyle
  2. No more hairballs and loose hairs all over the house, the car, and your S.O.
  3. They feel AMAZING!
  4. No hair tie, no problem.
  5. I get compliments on my hair all the time. Who doesn’t love a good confidence boost every once in a while?