I ran a half marathon in 12 hours…ask me how and why I did it?!

The inspiration for this adventure came on April 7th.

As any expert time waster can attest – YouTube is the best when you have a spare moment. Unfortunately, that moment in time usually turns into hours of endless video watching thanks to the algorithm of videos similar to the one you just watched. I can admit to falling prey to this trap many a time.

On this day though, the 7th of April, I stumbled across the video that would fuel the madness of running a half marathon in 12 hours.

This video was the awe inspiring motivation I needed to put my phone away and get to work. So, I decided to adapt it to my abilities – 13 miles in a 12 hour period of time. Because, even though I’m Wonder Woman, I’m still a fleshy human as you’ll learn if you keep reading. So with time and mileage planned, all that was left to do was start making my list of tasks to accomplish.

BUT!!! I didn’t want to do it alone. So I recruited my husband and family in Wisconsin to join me along this incredible journey. They readily agreed not knowing the extent to which this challenge would push them.

So we settled on April 18th as the day we would accomplish running a half marathon in 12 hours while also completing various tasks throughout the day.

April 18th – lets do this!!!

From the time we decided to complete the challenge of running 13 miles in 12 hours to April 18th the day of the Isolation 13 Point 1 was 3 – 4 days shy of 2 weeks. None of us had proper training. The furthest I was running comfortably was 4 miles if I was lucky…and I wasn’t running all that much cause Spring just barely showed up, and I am not a snow runner. My husband hates running, and has a “suck it up buttercup” mentality so he can pass his 2 mile runs during PT tests for the Army. My brother is just barely getting back into working out after a hiatus due to the busyness of life. My sister chose not to run and instead biked the 13 miles, but again hadn’t biked much due to the Wisconsin Winter. And my father, the last participant in this challenge – and also the most qualified due to running many marathons, hadn’t run in weeks or more. Needless to remind you…WE WERE VERY UNPREPARED!

But, we were excited! We had come up with group tasks to do over Zoom video call as well as planned on regularly checking in through text as the day went on.

I even volunteered to create a playlist of music to listen to during the day at the request of my father.

First Run – 2 Miles

On April 18th, I was up bright and early. My 6:45am alarm sounded, and out of bed I climbed. I quickly threw on clothes and shoes and was out the door by 7. The first run of the day was a 2 miler. I already had a mapped out route, and I was ready!

Run, run, run, run, run, run TIMBER skid karate roll ‘F*** everything!’ run, run, run, run, run, run, run, ‘INTO THE UNKNOWN!’ [outstretched] Broadway arms. Run 1 done. #isolation13point1

Yep that’s right loyal fans and avid readers…I fell. I fell with more grace and agility than usual, but I still fell. (For some unknown reason I fall a lot when I run. I tried researching why this morning and the consensus is I am a clumsy unobservant being with poor balance and coordination…and potentially poorly tied shoes.) I was VERY upset, and that anger mixed with embarrassment fueled the rest of my 2 mile run.

Run number 2

After checking for blood from my fall, I went about beginning the tasks of the day. Lots of chores on my list. At 8am, the alarm went off. Time for mile 3.

Run number 2 in the bag! #isolation13point1

Run number 3

At this point in the day, my husband finally woke up. I don’t blame him for sleeping in. Having to wake up at the butt crack of dawn 5 days in a row makes a man exhausted. He decided to catch up the mileage by walking the first 3 miles. I ran past him during his second mile and a half loop.

3rd run. 4th mile. Time for some brekkie [yep embracing some Australian speak here]. Saw a really cute butt while I ran. #isolation13point1

Run number 4

Pretty sure by this point in the day, I had accomplished most all of the simple tasks and was beginning to clean the shower/bathtub. (We have a mold problem that our landlord refuses to address, so I have to take charge and destroy the mold I can see before it destroy’s us. Never have a window in the shower. “It’s rotten!!!”) Ps. BLEACH IS TOXIC!!! hahaha I’m pretty sure the bleach fumes almost killed us, so every window with a screen was open as was the door and both fans were on.

Mile 5 in the bag…starting to feel the exhaustion. The longest I’ve run since my half marathon almost a decade ago was 6.5 miles. Still pushing through though. #isolation13point1

Run number 5

At this point in the day, the temperatures began rising and running in a sweatshirt was impractical.

Complete outfit change for this run. Definitely got the feeling of “Ugh!!! Not another one.” #isolation13point1

Run number 6

Tasks and snacks and runs oh my!

Fun thing about the mile loop I was running, it crosses the train tracks. So of course it would be during the 7th mile that the train and I would match crossing time. Still feeling good and going strong. Time for a snack tho. #isolation13point1

After completing mile 7, the family gathered over Zoom video for a yoga/stretch session and a visual check in. Everyone was starting to feel the miles. Husband decided to mow the lawn instead which was a task completed off my list. Thanks babe!

Ps. the crazy running hair everyone was sporting was amazing! Frizzies, fuzzies, floofies, and all of it laced with sweat.

Run number 7

Even though the temperature was rising, the clouds were still blocking out the warmth of the suns rays for most of the day, so when the sun finally did come out to play. You guessed it…

Might be time for another costume change. Hahaha #isolation13point1

Run number 8

This is where I hit the wall. My motivation and willpower to keep accomplishing tasks had shriveled like a raisin. I was barely making it out the door to run.

Another mile down…randomly feeling [discomfort] in my sternum/rib cage area. I blame all of that on my December car accident. Still sweating though which means I’m maintaining hydration #isolation13point1 #hydrateordie

One thing I learned from the first half marathon I ran was the importance of proper hydration. At every water stop, you stop running, walk, and drink water before you continue on again. If you stop and drink instead of guzzling on the move or pouring it over your head , you’re more likely to throw your cup or bottle in the trash/recycling instead of littering too.

Run number 9

The weather in Utah is bipolar for lack of a better word. “It’s hot then it’s cold, it’s yes then it’s no…” Katy Perry…anyone? Anyways, there were dark clouds to the south and the wind started picking up too. Wind is the worst running weather IMHO.

The weather can’t decide what it’s doing. And I feel heavier and slower than ever. Still not ready to quit though. #isolation13point1

My hips and low back started to bug me at about this point. So I spent the 45-ish minutes between runs stretching. I also took out my handy dandy lacrosse ball and used it to massage my glutes – specifically the attachment points along the sacrum.

Run number 10

Did I mention I was exhausted?!?!

Hello armpit and beautiful tattoo.

Starting to chaff in the outer bottom armpit – both arms. The LITERAL worst! (This statement is a lie. Chaffing in the groin is the worst.) One more costume change since it’s [chaffing caused by] flesh on flesh and not clothing. Had more energy after a good hydration and snack session – carrots and leftover chip dip.

Time for another Zoom video check in.

Yep! That about sums up how we were all feeling.

By the end of our video conference, we made the executive decision. End the challenge early by running the last 2 miles as a bundled package. I fought it for a little bit before giving in to the exhaustion I was feeling. Just get her done!!!

Run number 11 – the final stretch

Out the door I go. I ran the same 2 mile loop as the first run of the day, but I decided to start from the east side rather than the west one aka I was moving in a clockwise direction rather than a counterclockwise way. All was moving smoothly. Until the last mile…right near where I took my fall in the morning.

How could I not finish the way I started…with a BANG!!! Yep, that’s right…down I went – again! It’s either an evil spirit trying to kill me, the universe telling me running is not meant to be part of my life, or just my stupid clumsy body. F***! Anyways, I finished strong despite it all. Congrats and Way to Go!!! #isolation13point1

You can’t see in the picture very well, but I ended up with a couple bruises the size of half dollars, some scrapes – one on my shoulder too.

In the end, I accomplished the challenge of running 13.9 miles in 11 hours, and I completed 12 tasks. I ran the whole time and never stopped to walk. I fell twice and picked myself right back up so I could keep going.

Coming out of this experience, I feel stronger and more determined to be a doer rather than a sitter. Was it the easiest half marathon ever?….NOPE! I think it was probably harder than a regular race, and I still had similar after race soreness and stiffness. But it was still a great experience, and I will probably do it again.

Let me know if this experience inspires you and if you try it.

Good luck and Happy Day my friends!