Hello friends!

Almost three years ago, I decided to go to school to become a massage therapist. Seven and a half months later, I took the state licensing exam and graduated as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I worked on and off at spas, wellness centers, and chiropractic offices for almost two years while also doing a hint of massage work at home in my private practice.

Then, a little over six months ago, I decided I needed to take a break from massage therapy and began applying for various other jobs. I wanted something different that would lead me closer to my life’s purpose.

Not quite four weeks ago, I was offered and accepted a job to work as the Activity Director for a Residential Memory Care Facility. I took the job and started two weeks ago.

This new job couldn’t have come at a better time. Entering the world stage from the left wing came CORONAVIRUS aka COVID-19. This microscopic little virus has sent the world into a frenzied panic. Toilet paper disappeared overnight and so did every non-perishable item in the grocery store. Most everyone is in isolation or quarantine, and those who aren’t, bravely step outside each day to go to work.

Did I mention that my new job couldn’t have come sooner?

Now, I’ll be honest with you. Working with residents suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia and a host of other memory loss diseases is REALLY hard. No matter how much I love each patient, they won’t remember me, and it’s difficult for them to do even the simplest activity or craft.

It’s all about quality of life at this stage in their lives. Making sure they have moments to laugh and smile, helping them feel heard and validated, and showing them that life is still beautiful. That’s all I really can do.

I am grateful for my new job. Yes, it is challenging. But, it is pushing me creatively. And it is allowing me to do what a quiet introvert does best – to listen.

PS. I do miss doing regular massage therapy, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not safe to practice. But once it is safe again, you better believe you can come get a massage from me.

Love Always!