After being away from work for almost three weeks due to recovery time from the car accident and the subsequent holidays, I was grateful my first massage back in the office was with someone I had been working with for the last year.

Fast forward through talk of the car accident and a recap of the holidays, and we got talking about the new year. Now, for me, I quite enjoy change. Growing up, I regularly re-arranged, deep cleaned, and organized the bedroom my sister and I shared. Of course, change like that is always short lived. But, being an odd combination of a free spirit and a perfectionist, I find it is very tricky to set new years resolutions. And though we did talk a little bit about goals for the new year, it was a different question that has stuck with me over the last 72 hours that I wanted to share with you all.

My client shared that, during the final round of a game played on New Years Eve, a two part question was posed to each player to answer when they made their final play. (Allow me to interrupt here to say that I don’t remember the exact wording of the question anymore, but I hope I can still get the gist across.) The question was this:

What is one of the BEST things from 2019,
and what is something you’re EXCITED for in 2020?

My client shared his response and then asked me the same two part question.

I’ll be honest; I had to think about it.

What is one of the BEST things from 2019?

I answered that I gained a greater understanding and value of what it means to be independent. I had spent the last year and a half biking to and from work in the summer and asking for rides or driving my husbands car in the winter. I also got very accustomed to walking everywhere if I didn’t have the car. Over the last year and a half, I learned that to be independent requires: STRENGTH, PATIENCE, TIME MANAGEMENT, and PERSEVERANCE.

What is something you’re EXCITED for in 2020?

Before December 16th, I would have said, not having to bike to and from work in the summer anymore. BUT…due to recent events…that is not the case. So instead I answered that I was looking forward to all of the growth and change set to happen in the new year. Let’s be real, my answer to this question was probably a cop out, but I still said it. And it is still true. Someday soon, we’ll move. Jobs may change. We may get a dog. And someday when there isn’t a glowing target on my person saying, “Prime Car Accident Candidate,” I might get another car.

So my question to you is: What is one of the BEST things from 2019, and what is something you’re EXCITED for in 2020?