Time in the world of a massage therapist is very important. How we use it puts money in our pockets, continuing education credits towards the future, and encourages healing for the individuals lying on our tables.

In everyday life, time is limited and stretched to a few smart tasks per day such as working, exercising or going to the gym, spending time with family and friends, and other religious, social, and community events and service projects.
The rest of our time is ill spent scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms, checking emails, watching Netflix and Hulu or sitting in the waiting room of a doctors office or therapists office. What a waste of time?!

With time disappearing faster than one can say, “I need a massage,” it’s important to find SMART ways to use the time each of us have been given. One of those ways is finding smarter ways to schedule a massage that won’t A) Break the bank and B) Take valuable time away from our seemingly timeless day.

30 Minutes! That’s all you need.

In a perfect world, everybody knows they need massage in their lives. If they don’t, perhaps it is because they live under a rock, are a ghost and therefore have no body to massage, or just haven’t googled “benefits of massage therapy” yet. (ps. I did it for you. Now all you have to do is click on the link.)

But massage takes time and tends to be on the pricier side. $$$ So what should you do to get around that? The answer my friends: the 30 minute massage. Now, don’t poo poo the solution until you hear the sales pitch.


Most massage therapists charge a dollar per minute for their massage practice. There are a few who charge less – this is because they are in a competitive market; they are brand new massage therapists entering the business world, or they have low self confidence in their work. There are also a few who charge more – perhaps because, they know the value of their work; they are money grubbers, or they have specific training and continued education that gives them more knowledge than the basic massage therapy graduate. But typically, most all massage therapists charge $1.00/minute.

So if we do the math, a 60 minute massage which is the most commonly requested massage duration costs $60. But a 30 minute massage which is less common costs $30. Half the time = Half the price.

Now, why is this good news? For the many thousands of us who do not make six digit salaries every year, it means that we can still get weekly massages without breaking the bank. It’s totally doable! If that’s still too steep, maybe swap out a home made lunch 3 times a week instead of getting fast food everyday. Not only will you feel better physically, but you’ll have that extra $30 to devote to getting a massage.


Did I mention it’s only 30 minutes? You can easily accomplish this on the way home from work, during a lunch break, during your kids nap time, or while out running errands. 30 minutes is a lot more doable than 60 minutes.


Now, I know a handful of readers out there are thinking to themselves: “What if my massage therapist can’t fix all of my problems in 30 minutes?” or “It’s going to be impossible to reap all the benefits of massage therapy in such a short amount of time.”

Think again. As a massage therapist, we can still work out the knots and tight areas in your body. You can still feel relaxed and relieve stress and much, much more. The only difference is that, with the shorter amount of time, it is best to only work one or two maybe three specific areas of the body. For example: the neck and shoulders, the back and neck, the gluteus muscles (buttocks) and thigh, the shoulders, arms and hands, etc.

30 minute massages allow for specific work rather than full body massage. But, it is exceedingly possible to work the whole body during the course of a month of weekly 30 minute massages.

Have I convinced you yet? If so, I hope to see you on my table soon.