My very last post alluded to this topic of Massage Therapy being a relationship more than 1. making money, 2. a special occasion self care treatment, or 3.  a therapeutic and wellness endeavor.

Massage Therapy is a Relationship with the Self as a whole: mind, body, and spirit; and it is a Relationship with the therapist performing the massage.

Massage Therapy is a Relationship with the Self – Mind
For some though not all, receiving a massage provides a great dumping ground to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a safe environment. It allows the individual to be heard and accepted without judgement.
It also provides a great environment for teaching and learning to occur as long as both the therapist and the individual receiving massage are open and willing to participate. We learn a lot from one another be it acceptance and trust of the other person; or understanding of personalities and lifestyles through conversation; or even full blown teaching of the purpose or techniques of massage.
As long as one comes with a desire, his/her mind can receive healing through a relationship with Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy is a Relationship with the Self – Body 
Anyone who has ever heard about or received a massage knows that massage therapy aids the healing of the body.


~ Increases circulation to the blood and lymph which brings more oxygen rich blood to the body and boosts the bodies immune system
~ Increases flexibility and range of motion in muscles and joints
~ Increases overall comfort during pregnancy
~ Relaxes and softens injured, overused, tight/tense muscles
~ Reduces stress
~ Reduces spasms & cramping
~ Speeds up recovery time for injury or surgery
~ Speeds up recovery time for athletes which enhances overall performance
~ Relieves chronic pain
~ Releases endorphins which aid in pain relief and mood regulation
~ Provides exercise and stretching for atrophied muscles and for ares of limited range of motion
~ Improves the quality of sleep

I could go on and on with my list. You can do a google search on massage benefits. Or, you can witness these benefits for yourself and schedule a massage today!

Massage Therapy is a Relationship with the Self – Spirit
Many massage modalities such as Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Reflexology work with the Energetic Body at the same time they work the Physical Body.
Working with the Energetic Body is important because sometimes our physical pain can be caused by emotions, personality traits, or even outside sources like relationships, work, hobbies, etc.  Having Energetic work done can help our bodies to heal better and more effectively as we work together with a practitioner to reach the root of the problem.
As a massage therapist and recipient of massage, I have also found that giving and receiving a massage can become a form of meditation. This meditation allows the mind, body, and spirit to reconnect with one another for a short time. It also allows inspiration to flow allowing for questions to be answered, ideas to be generated, and problems to be solved.

Most importantly, Massage Therapy is a Relationship with the Individual.
At a Professional level, a massage therapist has the opportunity to develop a relationship with the individuals coming to him/her for massage. These individuals are more than just bodies on a table. They are more than just a paycheck. They are unique individual personalities with thoughts, feelings, concerns, and a desire to find holistic healing. Both the Therapist and the Individual receiving massage should be treated with the highest respect and utmost courtesy. They should work together to make the best plan to invite healing into their sessions. And they should be open and honest with one another in how the healing process is being received.

Massage is for every BODY, but everybody receives massage differently.

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