3 months ago, I graduated from Cortiva Institute as a massage therapist. I had already passed the state licensing exam, and was just waiting for that little piece of paper to come in the mail proving that I was indeed a Licensed Massage Therapist.

A Journey
My decision to become a massage therapist hit me straight out of left field. My husband (My White Knight) and I had been dating for a month or two. And I was trying to figure out what I was doing with my life.
I had always had a plan – like, since I was 10. The plan started out with: go to college and get a degree in x, y, z. This fueled my passion for learning and the need to have a job and save money. Into my first year of college, the plan changed: go on an 18 month mission trip for my church. Again, this fueled my plans. Near the end of my mission trip, the plans changed again: move to Provo, Utah. I didn’t like this plan at first, but eventually I went with it. And I made the necessary arrangement to make it happen.

Fortunately – or maybe unfortunately depending on how you look at it – after moving to Utah, my plans have never been more fluid. I’ll start moving in one direction and then very quickly be sent the opposite way. This has been nothing but a roller coaster causing my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health to each take turns visiting the sick ward.

And this brings me yet again to my sweetheart. We had been dating for a few months; we’d both changed jobs, and I was looking into school to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. All of this seemed like a great exciting new adventure. But My White Knight was sick. The increase in strenuous physical activity with his new job + what probably was the flu left him sore, feverish, and weak for a good week or two.  Thank goodness for his cute girlfriend (that’s me) who took care of him. I would rub his back, arms and legs with BENGAY hoping to bring him some relief.
All the while, the thought kept coming into my mind, “You should look into becoming a massage therapist.” I couldn’t quite grasp the idea.  I had never wanted to be a massage therapist. I had only had 2 massages in my entire life. I didn’t know anything about the schooling or anything. And, to top it all off, I was poor. I was still recovering from a hit on my emotional health. Not to mention: I’m not a touchy feely person.


But the thought kept coming, and finally, I decided to listen. I searched online and found the Utah College of Massage Therapy (now Cortiva Institute) and requested information. Not long after, I got a phone call asking to come in to interview with Andrea the admissions councilor to see if I thought it would be a good fit for me. It all happened SOOOO fast!
My husband was very supportive of the journey. He came with me to the interview and listened to what Andrea had to say. We talked about my love for yoga and ultimate goal to teach and own my own studio. We also talked about how massage and yoga marry into each other very well and can be used hand in hand to promote healing in the body. Neither Andrea nor my husband were pushy, and both let me make my own decision.

I couldn’t have become a Massage Therapist had it not been for Andrea, my wonderful husband, my Family, and my closest friends encouraging and supporting me along the way.