These last 3 months since graduation have left me really pondering, questioning, and anxiously worrying about my decision to become a licensed massage therapist.

A Discovery 
On the very first day of class and regularly throughout the program, we were each asked, “Why did you choose to become a massage therapist?” 
The answers all varied:
1. “I want to help others.”
2. “I was told I’m good at it.”
3. “I’ve always wanted to become a massage therapist.”
4. “I’m tired of working at a dead end job. I want to make a difference.”
5. “I want to be able to travel the world.”
6. “I want to do something for myself – something that makes me happy.”
I had never really given a lot of thought to it. So I said similar things.

But, over the last 3 months, I have really taken a step back and paused to reflect on WHY?. Why am I a massage therapist? Why did I finish school? Where do I want massage to take me? Where do my passions in massage lie? etc. I can barely answer most of the questions.  But I’ll give it a go.

Why did I choose to become a massage therapist?
I don’t really know why, nor do I understand why. All I know is that I was called to it. And, because of that, I have come to understand that massage therapy and yoga are meant to work side by side in my healing journey, and I want to present them together to help others in their own healing journey as well. I know that the understanding of human anatomy – especially the musculoskeletal system – I gained in school has helped and continues to help fuel my yoga practice and my teaching. I also know that as a massage therapist and a yoga instructor, one needs to diversify in order to succeed.

What have I learned from working as a massage therapist?
I truly value the individual. The monetary aspect of massage therapy is great, but it’s not what matters. The best and most powerful massages I have walked away from are the ones where not only are the client’s physical needs met, but their mental, emotional, and even spiritual needs were met too. These sessions are the ones that have had a lasting impact on me and really made the biggest difference.

What are my massage therapy goals?
I know I need to further specialize in various modalities in my massage practice. I can’t do it all – although I want to.  This will come with patience, practice, and further training. I don’t truly know where my passions lie or where I want to go with them all. I have a vague idea sometimes, but it often ebbs and flows.

Massage therapy continues to be a journey of discovery for me, and I am constantly learning and exploring. Someday, I will discover exactly where my massage focus needs to be, but until then. “Slow and steady wins the race.”